A Full House: an M&M Production

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Mount Pleasant Public Library

Event Details

Introducing A Full House - A collection of one-act comedies with a twist. Presented by M&M Productions - committed to developing quality, live theater and bringing it into intimate settings throughout the Hudson Valley.

Kissing Will by Ginny Reynolds - The magic of the City of Lights invites a seemingly mismatched couple to challenge their assumptions about age and appearances and discover a beauty that is timeless.

Bless Me Father by Pat Lennon - A high school seminarian in the late 60's seeks penance from the priest he is terrified by, yet idolizes.

The Erythrosine Ballad by Pat O’Neill - A chance meeting at a bus stop sends two would-be passengers on a ride down the blurred lines of reality.

After the Ball by Robin Anne Joseph - When Cinderella is not quite how Prince Charming remembers her, and Cinderella is in no need of being swept off her feet, do they still live happily ever after?

Speed Date by Carol Mark - A couple that crashes and burns during a speed date session begin to find each other when they slow things down.

Sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant Public Library

Event Type(s): Adult